The Difference

Lance Dockins, UnHack.Net Founder & CEO

Few companies really get website security.   And even fewer of them are willing to own the entire problem.   Unfortunately, contrary to what the security products and services on the market might imply, website owners have never really had much option except to own the entire security problem.  Someone has to do backups.  Someone has to do website software updates.  Someone needs to screen inbound visitors for known hacker or virus behavior.  Someone needs to scan the site for malware and still someone needs to be able to clean up the mess when malware does appear on the site.  Because when someone is not doing all of those things, you feel it: whether it’s in wasted productivity time, unbilled client time, lost sales, or a damaged reputation.

And that’s what makes UnHack.Net so unique.  Sure, you can go buy a website backup system, a website firewall, website anti-malware, and hire someone to do website security updates.  But between managing 4 different companies and paying each of their fees, you might as well do all the work yourself.  But with UnHack.Net advantage, you don’t need to search for 5 different companies to handle your website’s security.  You can cover everything that’s needed all in one place with a company that gets professionalism and the urgency of all things security.

The Globally Distributed Team

Based in Oklahoma City we utilize a globally-distributed workforce to service businesses in North & Central America, Europe, Australia, and everywhere in between. So no matter where you're located or when you're sleeping, someone is watching out for your website.

"In 10 years, I've never found someone who both can and does do exactly what they say they will do. Until now..." - Coggan Creative

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