Website Security Maintenance

Website Security Maintenance

 Stay secure online without having to dump time and resources

into routine updates and upkeep.

 Someone needs to be doing routine security upkeep to keep your site from lapsing back into vulnerability. Do you have enough time to keep your business safe in a world where even the CIA gets hacked?


Daily Security Monitoring

Catching security threats early makes fighting them much easier. Have dedicated security scans search your entire site for malware.

Update Managment

Have both WordPress and plugin updates installed monthly, along with up to 1 hour of fixes per month to overcome minor incompatibilities caused by updates.



Daily Full-Site Backups

What’s your plan if a hacker ever gets past your defenses? Load up one of your daily site backups, so you don’t lose a day of business.

Ongoing Precautionary Coverage

All covered sites recieve courtesy hack repair if the site is hacked at any point during the life of the maintenance, as well as Preventive security adjustments where appropriate.

Get your site speed and performance overhauled and stop bleeding sales.


How do I get started?

Before you get your site can have its security maintained, it needs to be cleared of vulnerabilities. This is done through a one-time security lockdown. Your site’s lingering and waiting-to-be hacks are cleaned from your site, bringing you to a secure “clean slate” worth being maintained. The one-time lockdown costs $175/install for monthly maintenance subscribers and is free + 1 free month of maintenance for annual subscribers.

What will get updated?

The beauty of WordPress is that it allows you to  integrate software built by many developers. You will get these plugins and the WordPress core software updated monthly as updates become available. This does not include installing new, full redesigns of plugins. Your site will also receive daily full-site backups, available in-case your site ever experiences a major technical error and needs to be rolled back to a clean version.

What can be covered by maintenance?

Maintenance pricing is per WordPress install. Maintenance is also available for Drupal.

What if the part of my site breaks while on maintenance?

The maintenance package includes 1 hour/month as-needed fixes for issues caused by update incompatibility. This is ample time to remedy these rare issues. Covered sites also get courtesy hack repair in case of issues caused by malware. These fixes do not cover breakages caused by back-end users.

Money-back Guarantee

We’ve never met a site we couldn’t boost, but if your site is

unable to be optimized, we’ll refund 100% of the cost.

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