Joomla Hack Repair

Joomla Hack Repair

Does Google think your Joomla site has been hacked?  Is your site showing spam all over it?  Has your site been defaced?  Is your site downloading things it shouldn’t or redirecting people to other websites? If any of these symptoms are accurate for you, you are likely one of the 30,000+ daily victims of Joomla website hacks.

While being hacked is bad enough in its own right, these days both search engines and browsers have ways to detect common Joomla hacks and will quickly start warning away visitors from your site.  Combine that with a persistent hacker or improperly handled hack repair and you will find yourself getting hacked over and over and over again and leave a lasting effect on your website and organization.  And if you’re doing any form of online commerce, the situation is often far worse as hackers often target e-commerce sites as a means of tapping credit card data as your site processes website transactions.  In situations like these, it’s critical to act quickly and accurately.

The question, of course, is what to do.  With hackers often leaving backdoors littered throughout your website so they can break back in once you “repair” the hack, it’s important not to improperly handle the hack by addressing the symptoms of the hack without actually removing the hack itself.  All too often well meaning freelancers will “fix the hack” only to leave those backdoors intact so you find yourself hacked again the very next week.  And even when all backdoors are removed, how did the hacker get in in the first place?  Do you have an unaddressed security vulnerability in Joomla?  Do you have patches and updates that need to be applied to Joomla?  Do you have plugins or themes that are vulnerable to common security threats? Are your site’s permissions or passwords being handled improperly?

A true Joomla hack repair is one that both removes the symptom of the hack and also blocks out hackers from an immediate ability to hack your site by addressing those backdoors, security vulnerabilities, etc.

Joomla Maintenance and Security

Once you’ve repaired a hack, you shouldn’t stop there.  Today it’s that much more important to keep on top of these security holes on an ongoing basis.  Hackers continuously change their methods to try to work around new security precautions that website owners take to secure their websites.  And once you are on a hacker’s radar, they often keep you in their sites checking for new security vulnerabilities every time they return.  That’s why we not only offer hack repair, but also ongoing hack prevention.  Not only will we ensure that your site is fully up to date with the latest Joomla and plugin security updates each month, but we’ll also take a backup of your Joomla site each month and optionally provide you with a web application firewall to protect your site so you can rest knowing your website is safe.  And in the rare event that a hacker does find their way back onto your site or that a security update causes a website snafoo, we’ll also repair those problems at no extra charge.  So that way, your Joomla website stays safe, not only now… but throughout the coming years as website security threats continue to evolve.

Get Help Now

If you believe you’ve been hacked and need help repairing the hack or if you have already repaired the hack and just need help locking hackers out of your site for good, give us a call today at 405-562-6360.